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Customer Experience

Mrs. Kleven

Valkis marketing delivers super great value and super fine support. Great to work with a group of experts. Together created the ideal business and effectively overcame both personal and business obstacles. I am sure that I will never have to face these obstacles again. And boom! Currently, I have even been able to upgrade to elite member, which is going to provide even more fantastic results and value!

Mr. Story

Super fine experts to work with. Really think about your interests and do everything to achieve your goals. In my opinion, the best marketing experts you can have! Through customization, they have ensured that the infrastructure of my companies have been adjusted, making us more cost efficient and effective. Also for scaling up a very clear and fine plan was drawn up and realized. It is very nice to see this organization thinking along with us. I really like the very transparent way of communicating, thinking along with me and being open to my feedback.

Mr. Verhoeven

Signed up with Valkis Marketing as a starting entrepreneur with a sole proprietorship. After 4 months time -> set up bv and my first holding company became a fact. The focus was completely on scaling up my business and after 11 months of working with Valkis Marketing I had a million dollar business. With this experience I'm not saying that you will also become a millionaire with Valkis Marketing in 1 year, but the help and value is definitely going to make it sooner or later! :-)

Mr. Geertsen

Very nice experience with Valkis Marketing. They are always there for you and have real knowledge of what they do. Also nice that they are not like all the other marketing agencies that throw out reports and let you figure it out. They really know how to get the most out of each client, by offering good service and looking beyond the top layer of an entrepreneur or company. They fully immerse themselves in your situation and that's why I think they can help you so much.

Mr. Christoffel

Can't say anything else but really a top organization. Never expected to be where I am now. Everything I could only dream about 6 months ago, is now reality or about to become reality. Stefan has such a unique take on entrepreneurship, you can really tell he has cracked the code of the game. A true mastermind! Despite his success, he has absolutely no conceit and wants to bring everyone to the same level. By laughing together, being honest, but also deepening and being straightforward/hard and telling the reality. When you don't meet the agreements, you are also really pushed to take action. Which is good, only then you get the best out of yourself. The guidance and service are highly recommended and worth the entire investment 100x.

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