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In order to be successful (online) in business, it is important that you have the right software and tools at your disposal. Having good software and tools, ensures that your online work environment is fully optimized. This will help your business to grow and will not give you any headaches.

Every business/entrepreneur needs different tools. In addition, there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of online tools for entrepreneurs offered, each relatively similar. Consider, for example, website providers, email marketing programs, tools to build landing pages, etc.

To help in the search for the right software and tools, we have explained on this page the software and tools that we use and actually recommend.

As a company, we work with these tools on a daily basis and have used several software and tools in the past, which we were less satisfied with. As Valkis Marketing, we have a number of requirements that the software or tool must meet. Requirements such as: functions / features, consistency, relevance and user friendliness, where many tools do not meet.

For all the software and tools listed below, you will find a short description and also a link. Through this link you can visit the website when interested. Often these are affiliate links, so it is possible for you, through free trial periods, to get to know and test this software or tool directly.

Hopefully there is a tool among them that will make things just a little bit easier for you too!

Software & Tools

Build landing pages and funnels with Clickfunnels

Valkis Marketing has been using Clickfunnels since March 2019, daily. We use Clickfunnels to build our landing pages and funnels. Think: opt-in/subscribe pages to Thank You and sales pages.

Through Clickfunnels you can quickly and easily build professional pages that are optimized for bringing in conversions. We started using Clickfunnels because it is super user friendly, you have a quality and professional page or funnel set up in no time, the tool performs consistently and Clickfunnels offers all the features and capabilities you can think of in this area.

Clickfunnels is the ideal tool to introduce (potential) customers to your company. Even when you want to build a mailing list and send emails to them, you can use ClickFunnels for this purpose.


Learn more about Clickfunnels and the opportunity to take advantage of a 14-day trial.


Build and automate a mailing list
with ActiveCampaign


At Valkis Marketing, we firmly believe in email marketing. The impact and growth you make as a business comes from engagement with your target audience. Your mailing list, is your company's most valuable asset. Email marketing is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to drive business growth. Every time we send one email to our mailing list, revenue comes in.

Only building and automating a mailing list takes careful work, especially if you want to use email marketing properly. That is why we have been using ActiveCampaign for 1,5 years now. With ActiveCampaign you can easily build a large scale mailing list and you will have direct insight in your target group. With just a few clicks on a button you can already send out a complete email campaign.

ActiveCampaign is provided with a stable software, which is not only easy to use, but also gives a lot of extra possibilities to grow your mailinglist and automate it completely. ActiveCampaign also works perfectly together with other online tools, like Clickfunnels and Zapier. This gives you an integral system, which connects and works together perfectly without any problems.

ActiveCampaign also has the advantage that they have a good quality and price ratio. Because of this ActiveCampaign is certainly not the most expensive and in our experience the best.

More information about ActiveCampaign.

Create a quick and easy professional
websites with Thrive

If you like to build your own professional website, but have no technical knowledge around building websites. Then Thrive Themes is the perfect solution for you.

Thrive is very user-friendly for anyone who wants to build a website without any technical knowledge.  By means of the simple drag and drop principle, you can design your website completely and easily according to your own preferences.

At Valkis Marketing, we have recommended Thrive to many budding Internet entrepreneurs, enabling them to build professional, distinctive and successful websites.

Click here for more information about Thrive Themes


Build a webshop or website with WordPress


WordPress is one of the market leaders in building professional websites and web shops. With its many functions and plug-ins, the options are endless and WordPress is the largest content management system. This makes it possible to design a website or webshop entirely to your taste and to fine tune it through html coding.

Valkis Marketing uses WordPress for our member environment. WordPress is a super confidential system, so your website, webshop or online course is fully optimized at all times.

Click here for more information about WordPress

Create a business email address with Google G Suite

Valkis Marketing uses Google G Suite for all internet accounts. Through Google G Suite you can easily create a professional e-mail address, with your domain name listed. (E.g.

Google G Suite is linked to the Gmail mailbox interface. This ensures that the mailbox of G Suite is not only very recognizable and user-friendly, but you can also link your business email address to the Gmail app.

By using Google G Suite, you also get instant access to unlimited storage capacity in Google Drive. This allows you to store all your business files in a safe and convenient place.Furthermore, Google also granted you direct access to Google Docs, which allows you to use additional features such as Google Sheets and Google Presentations.


The following discount codes will get you 20% off G-Suite:
G-suite: Business: LA3NNWKAGXGR6X6

Click here to get started with Google G Suite

G Suite.png

Use GoToWebinar to deliver webinars

gotowebinar goed.png

If you are planning to give webinars, GoToWebinar is the ideal software for you.

From Valkis Marketing, we have been giving webinars to our target audience since 2019. And from day 1, we've been very fans of GoToWebinar. GoToWebinar may not be the most modern or cheapest software for giving webinars, but it is the most stable and the most user-friendly software.

In the year 2019, we tested several alternatives for giving webinars. Our experience has shown that many webinar programs falter, are not user-friendly and cannot always handle the amount of visitors/subscriptions. GoToWebinar, on the other hand, has never surprised us with any flaws and we have been able to give all our webinars freely.

Click here for more information about GoToWebinar

Give automated webinars with EverWebinar

EverWebinar allows you to fully automate the delivery of webinars. As soon as you have a recording of a good or best performing webinar, you can use EverWebinar to automate this webinar. Especially for service related webinars, EverWebinar is highly recommended from minute 1.

EverWebinar is the authority on automated webinar software. The software is stable, easy to use and clear. Ideal for automating your webinar.

Click here for more information about EverWebinar

ever webinar.png

Link tools and software with Zapier


In practice, when you want to link software and tools, you don't get it done without coding. Zapier has therefore come up with a solution. This software links the software and tools for you. You indicate which link is applicable to you and Zapier makes this connection. This creates one integral system that works together.

For example, we use Zapier for the connection between Clickfunnels, GoToWebinar and ActiveCampaign. As soon as someone signs up for the webinar via our opt-in page, Zapier both registers that person for the webinar with GoToWebinar and makes sure that person receives a confirmation of his or her registration via ActiveCampaign.

Click here for more information about Zapier

Create professional content with Canva

Canva is a free graphics program developed for editing photographs and other digital imagery through the computer. Through Canca it is possible to create easily unique imagery and take branding to the next level.

Valkis Marketing, uses Canva & Adobe Photoshop to create and optimize our content and branding. For example, we create ads and website content on a daily basis using Canva. But also logos, banners, sketches/concepts and other design.

Click here for more information about Canva

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